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Benchmark Canada Publishes Analysis of Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP

Benchmark Canada provides extensive coverage of the Canadian litigation market.  Their results are the culmination of a four-month research period that involves extensive interviews with litigators and their clients. According to their analysis, Crawley MacKewn Brush is seeing its profile swiftly elevating in the eyes of peers and its work appreciated immensely by vocal clients. "Crawley MacKewn Brush is the go-to shop for the complex securities work," confirms one competitor. "No one has more familiarity with the regulators than those people, and no one has a better approach and an individual and collective temperament to handle that work." A client notes, "They are a young team that is not shy about taking on novel and still largely unknown tricky cases involving Fintech/Cryptocurrency/Blockchain cases in multi-jurisdictional environments. They seem to have become the industry experts – incredibly detailed yet responsive to the minute. Effectiveness is their trademark, which only becomes so apparent with the wisdom of hindsight. And, all things considered, they are still pretty cost effective." One peer at a large Bay Street institution raves, "I am a litigator myself and so I have a high standard when assessing the work of other lawyers. I worked closely with a number of partners and associates of Crawley MacKewn Brush and found them all to be of the highest caliber. All problems received thoughtful and appropriate and consideration, preparation was impeccable, and the firm's culture and organization as well as its rigorous and no-nonsense approach to client issues were outstanding."

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